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What's on my Shelf?: Dominique

No free feet on this Shelf

You can follow Dominique’s Shelf at

On this episode of What’s on my Shelf, we’re welcomed by model and activist Dominique (@dominiquerashae) to tour her stunning Shelf.


  • Vintage Playboys

  • Dead Ringers

  • Steve Lacy & Calvin Harris

  • Sitting on Top of the World by Burna Boy & 21 Savage

What’s Shelf? An app to showcase everything you’re into rn. It’s the lovechild of Spotify Wrapped, Goodreads and Letterboxd. Available to download on iOS and to pre-order on Android.

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What's on my Shelf?
The soon-to-be award-winning series featuring creators, artists and tastemakers sharing what's on their Shelf.