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What's on my Shelf?: Celebrity Memoir Book Club

Nickelback defenders rise up…

You can follow Ashley and Claire on &

This week we’re so excited to welcome the ladies of the Celebrity Memoir Book Club podcast: @ashleyhamm & @clairethescare

Fitting in their incredible taste of movies, books, tv shows and music into a 90 second video may have been the hardest thing we’ve ever done tbh.


  • True Blood

  • America’s Next Top Model 

  • Nickelback 

  • In Her Shoes

  • My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

What’s Shelf? A fun way to learn about you and your friends’ taste — from music, to shows, movies, books & more! It’s like the lovechild of Spotify Wrapped, Letterboxd, and Goodreads.

To stay in the loop with new episodes, follow us on Instagram. Check out the other episodes here.

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What's on my Shelf?
The soon-to-be award-winning series featuring creators, artists and tastemakers sharing what's on their Shelf.