When we were thinking about ways to describe our flagship app, koodos โ€” a media โ€˜walletโ€™, we often found ourselves using the analogy of things tacked upโ€ฆ
Building an internet that centers on what you love

May 2022

and excitement around the crypto crash of 2022

April 2022

A guest piece by Maxwell Kanter

March 2022

The Modern Billboard Collective debrief

January 2022

opportunities around derived on-chain reputations & major design questions for decentralizing social graphs through the lens of Twitter's BlueSkyโ€ฆ

October 2021

the backstory behind the piece I co-wrote about social token systems

September 2021

by Ashwin Pokharel & Shay Gyawali - members of the koodos collective the koodos collective is a select community of ๐Ÿ”ฅ engineers and creatives externalโ€ฆ

August 2021

last gen: battle for share of your time online โ†’ new gen: battle for share of your digital identity

May 2021

why Sari and I turned our essay into an NFT and how you can be a part of internet history
introducing a very special essay co-written with Sari Azout

April 2021

https://github.com/Koodos-Collective/CaptionCarnivalFinal/ By Hannah Guo & Sirat Baweja Motivation Since the beginning of the global pandemic lockdownโ€ฆ